Ride Alter Ego 162cm 2018 Men’s Freeride Split Tail Snowboard Rrp £450

| June 9, 2019 |
Brand new - never ridden. Please note bindings are NOT included. Stomp dots can be removed on request. Full product details and reviews below: https://www.evo.com/outlet/snowboards/ride-alter-ego-snowboard Snowboards are created as powder board or as boards that will perform on hard pack. With the Ride Alter Ego you can now surf through the deep stuff all morning and then rip fat carves down the groomers all afternoon. To get the properties of the Ride Alter Ego you would normally buy a board for a powder board and an all mountain board, well those days are now gone. The unique locking split tail design allows the Ride Alter Ego to bend its way around the mountain without cause the rider any fuss and restriction. Perfect for the curious rider! Thin Construction with tapered tips and tails, reduced swing weight, enhanced tip flex and the sidewall runs past the effective edge. Roll In SlimewallsCarbon SlimewallsCarbon Array 3 LaminatesWood Veneer TopsheetHybrid Glass -Triaxial on top / Biaxial on baseSintered 4000 BaseAspen / Bamboo / lightweight PaulowniaDouble Impact PlatesReal wood birch Veneer Topsheet2x4 InsertsPerformance Core Free shipping via ParcelForce48

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